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Elaine La Rochelle

You can find her working stock and working the trails doing scent work with her dogs. She is a very talented photographer and she is a huge support to the stock dog community serving on both the OSDS and MSSA boards. She is a driving force getting things done and finding ways to serve and grow our community. We owe her a huge thank you for organizing this years arena trial in La Grande, Oregon and she is our Eastern Oregon powerhouse Director-at-Large. Meet Elaine La Rochelle!

Your Name  Elaine La Rochelle

Dogs Name Dallee, Belle, Stoney, Dax, Tinker, Bluey, Cricket

Dogs Nicknames  Bellaroo, Stone Dob, Boop, Crick

Dogs Age  10, 10, 10, 7, 5, 3, 2

Other Animals?  Horses, cows, sheep, goats, chickens

How did you choose/end up with this dog?  Had border collies for decades, after last one passed said I want something with slick hair.   Hence my first Kelpie

Did you choose them or did they choose you?  First and second was chosen for me.   Rest picked me.

How long have you been training/trialing?  10 years

What led you to stock dogs?  Brains

How do you spend your downtime? with dogs

Hobbies or passions?  Photography, learning more about nature and my dogs.

Cows or sheep?  Both

Belly rubs or ear scratches?  Both and include butt scratches

What is your favorite thing about this dog?  Brains

Describe yourself in three words.  love my life

Describe your dog in three words?  Best dog ever

What is your favorite thing about trialing?  Seeing how I am doing at training

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