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Oregon Sheep Dog Society Sanctioning Application Form

OSDS Trial Sanctioning Request

Definition:  A  SANCTIONED  TRIAL  is  an  event  which  is  organized by  an  OSDS  member  that  follows  OSDS  requirements.

Requirements for Trial Sanctioning:

1.  The trial must be open to all OSDS members on an equal opportunity basis (note that it is not mandatory to offer all classes).

2.  Entry forms must be published by OSDS on the website 30 days prior.

3.  The opening date for entries and the closing date should be clearly listed.

4.  Follow OSDS class definitions. If you plan to run to a standard this should also be stated on the entry form.

5.  Follow ISDS or USBCHA rule book.

6.  Results must be sent to point secretary within 14 days after trial.

7.  Clearly state on the entry form that the trial is ‘OSDS Sanctioned’.

8.  Points year runs from August 1 through July 31.

9. OSDS suggests each trial keep the original scoresheets signed by the judge for one year in case there is a question about scoring.

Classes Eligible fo Points

Thanks for submitting!

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