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Finding Inspiration At Every Turn

Founded in 1938, the Oregon Sheep Dog Society is the oldest sheep herding club in North America. Steeped in history and tradition, OSDS is proud to carry forward the legacy of handler and their best friend. We are passionate about the relationship between handlers and their dogs and it is the goal of OSDS to provide support and resources not only to our members, but also to our community.  You can find resources for all of your stock dog needs here on our site. The Oregon Sheep Dog Society is excited to offer contacts and listings for our community on our resources page and you can stay up to date on upcoming clinics, trials, and events on our calendar under the OSDS Sanctioned Trials & Events tab.  You can also follow along on our blog, Facebook and Instagram to see what is happening in the stock dog community. Don't forget to stop in our shop and support the club. The Oregon Sheep Dog Society is a non-profit organization and all proceeds go to supporting the club and its community. 

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Member Benefits

As a member you will receive access to all of our community resources as well as our members only benefits.


  • Members have access to our forum where they can post and discuss everything stock dog and stock. It is an opportunity to engage in a community brimming with valuable experience.

  •  Members are eligible to post listings in our classifieds free of charge as well as post and promote their OSDS events on our calendar and their businesses on our community resource page. 
    Non-Members may pay for postings with payment of a non-member fee.

  • Members can request sanctioning for trials and insurance for property/livestock for their events. The forms to request sanctioning and/or insurance are available under our OSDS Trial Info and Forms drop down tab. 

  • Members are also eligible for the annual Top Team awards given to the top and reserve handler/dog team in Open, Pro-Novice and Novice-Novice. Check with your trial host to make sure your trial counts. 

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