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Oregon Sheep Dog Society Member End of Year Awards

Open Champion 2020-2021 Paul Murray and Don

At 4 years of age, Don is just getting started in open. He has won and placed at Vashon, Palm Cottage, Fido’s, MacDonalds, Barnhart and Cake by the Ocean. He learns from each trial and continues to improve. On the trial field he is biddable and keen and always gives his best.

I am lucky to have found such an amazing dog.

Open Reserve Joe Haynes and Pepper

Pro-Novice ChampioJeanne B. and Pete

My new teammate, Imp. Llwynsarn Pete, is a 3 year old Border Collie (Hutchinson’s Jock/H. Jones Spotan,) coming along well. He is a well-rounded dog matched to me with heartfelt thanks by Maggie McClure. He has great balance, good feel, a cool head and plenty of courage and stamina. We will move up to open this fall. My goal is to be the oldest Rookie of the Year!

Pro-Novice Reserve Lisa Berglund and Amos

I’m a newcomer to the world of sheepherding. I was sitting on a grassy knoll at the Vashon Sheepdog Classic, when Patrick Shannahan and a dog named Riggs stepped to the post. At that moment, I decided that with my next dog, I would learn the skills and develop a partnership to compete in this remarkable sport.  I’m continuing that adventure with my young dog, Amos. He’s such a special dog, and I’m excited about where our journey will lead. 

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