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Oregon Sheep Dog Society Point System

OSDS Year End Awards Point System

A Sanctioned Trial is an event which is organized by an OSDS Member that follows OSDS requirements and the points will count toward the Annual Top Team Awards. The calendar year for points is August 1 through July 31.

1. The trial must be open to all OSDS Members on an equal opportunity basis. If noncompetitive runs will be allowed, it must be stated on the entry form so all that enter are aware ahead of time.
2. Entry forms must be published by OSDS on line at . Opening and closing dates for entries should be listed on the form.
3. Trial Sanctioning application must be submitted to the point secretary at least 30 days before trial and if sanctioned it should state on entry form.
4. Trials running to a standard should state such on entry form.
5. Follow OSDS class definitions. It is not mandatory to offer all classes. 6. Follow ISDS or USBCHA rule book. (web links listed)
7. The trial Secretary must send complete trial results to the point secretary within 14 days after the event.

Entry Form Deadlines

The deadline date for all trial entry forms is at least 30 days before the event. Trial entry forms must be posted on the website in order to be sanctioned, which is free to OSDS members. Posting trial/clinic entry forms submitted by non-members costs $15.00 and should be sent to the treasurer.

It is requested that a “window of entry opportunity” be listed on the entry form stating the dates when entries will be accepted. This will allow for the unpredictable nature of the postal system. If the number of entries received exceed the limit for the trial, a fair and equitable selection system such as a lottery should be used.

Sanctioned Trial Points and Top Team Awards

To qualify for team points in a sanctioned trial, you must be a current paid OSDS member in good standing at the time of the trial. Membership dues must have been deposited in advance of running at an event to accumulate points. As of 9/2/2012, to receive a Top Team Award you must also be a member at the time the award is presented.

Trial results for the year will be collected by an OSDS member (statistician) appointed by the Board. The results submitted by the trial committees are final. Discrepancies in the final placing, brought to the attention of the trial committee that result in the adjustment of final scores, are to be reported to the Statistician by the trial committee in writing.

The Statistician will supply the web master with the current team point standings so they can be posted on the website.

Two one-day trials will count as two individual trials for points. No points will be awarded for overall winners. Two one-day trials that limit the second day’s running will be calculated from the total number of teams that went to the post the first day. A two- day trial not limited will have points awarded to the overall (cumulative) winners. Invitational trials will not count for points.

Classes to count for points are- Open, Pro-Novice and Novice-Novice. Cattle classes are- Open and Started.

Top Team Awards will be presented to the Top Open Team, Top Pro-Novice Team, Top Novice-Novice Team and the Top Cattle Dog Team along with Reserve in each category. At least three different trials must offer a class during any given points year for that class to qualify for a top team award.

Open Ranch Class will be considered Pro-Novice. RANCH CLASS that combines NOVICE-NOVICE AND PRO-NOVICE will not count towards either.

For the purposes of the OSDS Point system a 'team' is defined as a handler and dog. If the dog competes with a new/different owner/handler it constitutes a new 'team' and any previous points earned do not transfer.

For a handler to be eligible to revert back to Pro-Novice status, the following criteria must be met. Once proof is submitted, the OSDS Board of Directors will review the petition and approve or deny the request.
     -The handler has never competed in Open Class before. The handler has not run in more than 2 Open trials and not scored in any of the trials-all attempts resulted in a DQ or RT.
      -The handler must obtain letters of support from three Open handlers currently in good standing with OSDS who have seen the dog run.

Sanctioned Canadian Trials: OSDS handlers that choose to cross over (running one day in two different classes without mandatory advancement as is allowed in Canada) will only be awarded points in the class they continue in after the Canadian Trial. Canadian OSDS members will accumulate points only in the class they primarily run in Canada and are required to follow OSDS class definitions when competing in the U.S. for OSDS points. 1. Points to count for Open and Pro-Novice will be awarded using the 20% system. 3 The total number of teams to the post in each class is multiplied by .20 to determine the number of points awarded. Points are awarded to OSDS members only for their placement at that trial. To determine how many Teams receive points in each class (column C), points awarded (column B) below 0.5 will be rounded down, points awarded above 0.5 will be rounded up . A minimum of five teams must go to the post for points to count for that class.

Points to count for Novice-Novice will be awarded based on the number of handlers going to the post. Points are awarded to OSDS members only for their placement at that trial. Each team will receive descending points, i.e. 10 handlers to the post, then first place receives 10 points, second place 9 and so forth. DQ's and Retires receive no points. A minimum of 5 teams to post to qualify for points. The top 5 scores per team over the trial year will count for top team awards. A minimum of 5 teams with points for the trial year to count for top team awards.

Year End Points Award Tie Breakers will be based on the 6th highest score, or the 7th, or the 8th, etc, until there's one winner. BOD motion carried July 2015.

Be sure and Sanction your trial with OSDS so your trial will count for points! Revised 8/1/2015 

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