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Welcome to our new site!

Updated: Apr 19, 2023

Welcome to our new site! In addition to our new site we are excited to announce some exciting news and events for the 2023 year. Our club officers have been hard at work putting together what we hope to be a fun and eventful year. With the success of last years arena trial it is the hope of the club to not only have some more trialing opportunities this year, but also to create some new opportunities for training, clinics, practice meetups and more. We are lucky to have an outstanding community passionate about all things stock dog here in the Pacific Northwest and we at OSDS are excited to help facilitate and further that passion. Make sure to check in on our new website and follow us here and on facebook and instagram for the latest news on OSDS events. Welcome back and we will see you soon!


Photo Credits: Top Left Hillary Suttill Bottom: Dave Viklund

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