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The Look Of Love

January may have been chilly but we had plenty of good stuff to keep us warm including some gorgeous blue skies and a toasty fire at the first trial in the State Of Jefferson Winter Series. The weather was perfect and so were the sheep. Saturday was a great day in Open with Karen Child and Tori in first, Bryan White and Nan in second, Carol Leyh and Doc in third and Angie Untisz and Chap in fourth. Ron Stark and Moss took fifth followed by Geri Byrne and Dot in sixth. Sunday in Open Jody Brengan and Sid took first followed by Bryan White and Scout in second, Karen Child and Tori in third and Angie Untisz and Chap in fourth. Joe Haynes and Davey took fifth and Shelley Borcher and Celeidth took sixth. In Pro-Novice Diane Currier and Gibbs took first, Marcia Jeppson and Casey took second, Ron Stark and Lad took third, Edgar Sanchez and Mesa took fourth and Ron Fischer and Rosie took fifth. In the second class of Pro-Novice Patti Sowell and Tru took first, Bryan White and Vicki took second, Gloria Atwater and Sam took third and Marcia Jeppson and Casey took fourth and Ron Fischer and Rosie took fifth. Thank you to Gery Byrnes for all of her hard work! State of Jefferson number two is coming up fast February 17th & 18th!

The look of love was in the air at Fido's. Friday was a fantastic day for Rochelle Stanford and Rain placing first and Bob Hickman and MacGyver placing second in Open. He was followed by Gael Gann in third with her dog Hart and fourth with her dog Riley. Catherine Foote and Pete placed fifth followed by Kent Bradley and Bobby Blue in sixth. In Pro-Novice last years Pro-Novice champion Karyl Hansen and Betel took first place followed by Rochelle Stanford and Aurora in second and last years Pro-Novice Reserve Champion Raenell Doyle and Jolie in third. Norm Rivers and Josh placed fourth followed by Ashley Smith and Wry in fifth.

Saturday Noelle Williams and Clay took first followed by Maggie McClure and Smith in second and Mike Ruckstuhl and Gimli in third. Bob Hickman and MacGyver took fourth and Toni Cramer and Tess took fifth. In Pro-Novice Raenell Doyle and Jolie took first, Amanda Jones and Jazz took second and last years Novice Champion Lucy Cross and Sylvie took third! Way to go Lucy and Silvie! Rochelle Stanford and Aurora took fourth and Ashley Smith and Wry took fifth.

Sunday Anne Leroux and Loki took first place in Pro-Novice followed by Misti Chastain and Hawk in second and Misti and Sprite in third. Lorri Mannas and Bram took fourth followed by Nancy Barrows and Flavia in fifth.

Thank you to Chris Soderstrom for all of her hard work and hosting. Entries for February 23-25th are still open until February 7th. Make sure to get them in and we will see you there!

MacDonald's entries are open until the 10th for their February 17th and 18th trial. Send in those entries!

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