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Summer Is Cooking And The Stock Dogs Are Bringing The Heat.

This past weekend was a hot one for the Pacific Northwest but that didn't stop our handlers and dogs from turning it up. Laura Vishoot's Palm Cottage trial brought out the best for some hula with some heat. A huge thank you to Laura and Steve for carrying on the tradition and showcasing excellence with style!

Speaking of best, congratulations to Friday's first place in Open, Lisa Berglund and Sam! Congrats are also in order for Laura Vishoot with Pearl and Maggie McClure with Smith who kept it going Saturday churning out the top scores. Laura and Pearl earned second and Maggie and Smith took fourth. Sunday was a great day for Lorri Schubert and Tess showing everyone how it is done and earning third place. The weather may have cooled Monday, but not the work. Joe Roach, Raenell Doyle, Laura Vishoot and Sarah Vining deserve an ovation for their runs in the Nursery Class. Lisa Berglund spent her Monday turning it up again with Joe and tearing it up with Lorrie Shubert and Hattie showcasing spectacular runs in Pro-Novice earning second and third place. Paul Stauffer and Gromit did some excellent work keeping them on their toes and earned a well deserved round of applause for sixth. Closing out the very last run of the event was our very own Lori Mannas running her grand-pup Gimli.

Gimli is owned by talented handler Mike Ruckstuhl. Gimli was a pup bred from Lori's line down in California. Young Gimli returned to his roots in the Pacific Northwest where he crossed paths with Lori who recognized his genetics immediately. It was the beginning of their friendship and a story about how the heart we have for these dogs never wanders far. Nice work Lori and Gimli!

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