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Say "Sheep!"

This past month has been a busy one for us and we had a blast kicking off our summer with two awesome events. We want to thank everyone who came out to support us and also those that made it happen. Our community is incredible and we couldn't do it without the many people who care so deeply about our dogs and our club.

We want to thank our members for joining us and allowing us to put our passion out into the community and we want to thank our board members who have worked hard to get the ball rolling on what we think is going to be a really great season of fun things. We owe a thanks to our Secretary, Lauren Stepan for very graciously hosting our photo event and to our Vice President, Maggie Yates for the hard work and passion they have both put in to driving these events forward. We would also like to thank Dave Viklund for helping us to make the event possible and to Cynthia Mills for her dedication to the club and for helping us set our stock and capture those moments. The memories created in this community aren't just that. Our experiences and partnerships shape us as much as they do our dogs and to create opportunities to capture that and reconnect with our members was something we really hoped to do. We had so much fun doing it and we hope to be able to do it again. The photos are officially out and you can find them on our front page linked to our new shared gallery and at

In the future, members will be able to upload and download photos themselves to our shared gallery as they move around the sheep dog world. It is our hope that our members share their photos for people to get a view into the many different aspects of stock dogs and herding as well as create an ongoing community photo album we will all be able to look back and connect. We hope to see your photos out training, trialing and everything in between!

We are just warming up so stayed tuned and we will see you out in the fields!

Say "Sheep!"

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