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Meet Our Newest Director-At-Large, Hera Minkove!

She is HILARIOUS and so much fun! She isn't afraid to jump in, she has a heart of gold and she is tough as nails! She is talented and dedicated and ready to do all the things! We are so excited to have her, meet our newest Director-At-Large, Hera Minkove!

Your Name: Hera Minkove

Dogs Name: RLR Rein Em In

Dogs Nicknames: Rein, Reiny, Little Lady, Boo Boo

Dogs Age: 7

Other Animals: Amaluna ( Lusitano Horse) 10yrs

How did you choose/end up with this dog? I saw her online and I had to have her. She came from Minnesota.

Did you choose them or did they choose you? I chose her. 

How long have you been training/trialing?2 yrs

What led you to stock dogs? For years I have taught dog owners about canine behavior and living harmoniously in the home with their dog. The intelligence of a herding breed is 2nd to none. I would take my previous BC and Aussie to private training and they were the best puppy teachers… As is Rein. 

How long have you been working with stock dogs? I started Rein herding 6 years ago. 

What is your favorite moment working stock dogs? My previous trial dog “Bit” was running a nursery course and he got in close and the sheep were all the sudden like popcorn. It was just a crazy moment. ( made me laugh) then I had to focus quick…

Most impressive thing you have watched working stock dogs? I think the moment these dogs- as pups see stock and their genetics turn on in a way like nothing else. It’s what they are meant to do. It’s mesmerizing. 

How do you spend your downtime? What is that…? Barn time, dog time,Netflix and chill if I can. 

Hobbies or passions? Training Dressage, herding dogs, teaching new dog owners how to connect with their dogs gives me so much joy. 

Cows or sheep? Sheep… but maybe cattle in the future…

Belly rubs or ear scratches? Meh… Rein would say clean her ears. 

What is your favorite thing about this dog? Rein absolutely loves puppies. 

Describe yourself in three words: passionate, closet introvert, hard worker.

Describe your dog in three words? Fetch, let’s do something together, let’s work.

What is your favorite thing about trialing? It’s really the training and what’s happening on a given day. The test. 

What has been your biggest challenge? Losing my young dog to epilepsy. It was a big hit. RIP Bit.

Most valuable thing this dog has taught you? Patience…

What is your favorite thing to train with your dogs? To go on trail rides with the horses. 

Best advice anyone has ever taught you? Don’t interfere with a young dogs Exuberance on stock. 

What is your proudest moment with your dog or what are you proudest about your dog? For Rein, it’s anytime she will take cues on sheep. She’s a story… I have learned a lot from her. 

What do you consider your greatest success? Taking Bit to the post for the first time. Happened to be a nursery spot as a young dog was needed. It felt so big and intimidating… Now it’s the feeling you keep chasing. 

What has been a lesson you will never forget? Riding a sheep is not ideal…

Most valuable thing a dog has taught you? Unwavering partnership.

Something that makes you feel unstoppable: A sunny spring day! 

What are you looking forward to the most this year? Getting a new pup. 

What made you join OSDS? Being part of another Northwest Sheep dog community and the opportunities available.

What would you say to others about what OSDS does? Striving to build a safe environment to learn and opportunities to learn from the best. 

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