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Buckle Up!

Summer is coming in hot and OSDS is ready to go! With the change in seasons also comes the opportunity for some fun in the sun. This summer is looking to be a good one!

Memorial Day Weekend

Registrations closed for Fido's Memorial Day this week and we hope you got your entries in. OSDS will be there Sunday to say hello and serve up a cool compliment to that summer heat. Stop by and join us in the blue barn for ice cream sundaes and some OSDS updates. We will start serving at 9 for those of you coming in earlier(because who doesn't need ice cream at breakfast) and we will be there the whole day to say hello and thank Chris Soderstrom for everything she has done for our community. As an organization we are eternally grateful to the leaders in our community who give our handlers heart and a home. A long time member and trial host, Chris's support of the herding community makes our partnerships possible. The endless hours and dedication she and her team put into creating a place for handlers and their dogs to hone their skills and cultivate their partnerships is invaluable and many in the community would not be where they are without a place like Fido's to call home. Come out and join us on this day of remembrance for working dogs and sweet treats.

Little Horse Mountain & The State of Jefferson

Speaking of gratitude, Geri Byrne will be wrapping up the Tulelake trial series and we want to say thank you! Many of our handlers have been on the lookout in Tulelake and have their eye on the State of Jefferson coming up. Good luck to those going and thank you to Geri for working hard to give our handlers a place to challenge their skills and get their dogs out!

Say "Sheep!"

We are excited to announce our first OSDS photo event for the year!

There are no words to capture a relationship between handler and dog but if a picture is worth a thousand words, we would like to try and do our best. Please join us Saturday, May 20th when we will be joined for this event by professional stock dog photographer Dave Viklund. Longtime clinician, trainer and stock dog enthusiast, Dave brings his passion for stock dogs and photography to his work. His talent in showcasing the athleticism and intensity of working stock dogs leaves very little room for those words and many of Dave's images are featured across our very own OSDS website. We have all spent countless hours at work with our dogs and OSDS could not be more thrilled to give its handlers an opportunity to capture those moments and frame those memories for a lifetime.

Spots will be limited this time but we hope you join us and spend some time catching up with some of our members!

Say "Sheep!"

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I rally like the work you are doing to get a good website that stays up to date. The classifieds are a great addition. I plan to use it. Keep up the good work.

Paul S.

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