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Bring 'Em Out, Bring 'Em Out, Bring 'Em Out

Updated: Jan 23

We are three weeks into those New Years Resolutions and our members are raising the bar. January has been a busy month. Despite some stormy weather out West our handlers were out in the fields facing the storms, literally, and there were plenty of learning opportunities to keep everyone busy inside by the fire.

The Oregon Sheep Dog Society hosted Bryan White for the first of a two part series where members had the opportunity to submit video to be reviewed by Bryan and receive live feedback on their training. It was a fun evening enjoyed by everyone and filled with excellent questions and discussion with Bryan and our very own Dave Viklund. We are so grateful to Bryan for taking the time to mentor our handlers and support the Oregon Sheep Dog Society. Registration is open for the second part coming up February 7th. Don't miss the opportunity for a live discussion with not only one of the top handlers in the nation but also one of the most passionate individuals you will ever meet with a love of dogs. His heart and humor are a can't miss and we can't wait for what is in store as he mentors us going to the post. Send in those videos! Don't forget Haley Hunewill will be joining us March 6th! Registration is open now and both Bryan and Haley can be found on our front page and under our Sanctioned Trials & Events.

Washington Association of Stock Dog Handlers hosted an excellent webinar with Eamonn Connell. Lorri Shubert's Riverway Ranch will be hosting the top Irish handler this February for a clinic series in Arlington, Washington. It is an excellent opportunity for up and coming handlers to audit and learn as some of the best handlers in the PNW polish up their skills with another top handler. Our friends at the British Columbia Stock Dog Association also hosted a webinar with Kathy Keats on nerves going to the post. It was a great webinar with lots of tips to keep you on your game. Keep an eye out for more from our sheep dog community and remember to show your support as they keep the opportunities coming. January has shaped up to be a fantastic month of learning and information with lots to keep us busy during these winter months and even more opportunities to come!

Speaking of opportunities, the Oregon Sheep Dog Society is gearing up for round two of the Encourager trials! Not only will we have Novice, Ranch and Pro-Novice, but we are bringing out the babies! We have added Nursery to the line up to get the young bucks out to get their feet wet! Our Encourager II is an opportunity for new handlers to get experience as well as seasoned handlers looking to work on the next level and get new and young dogs out while they are learning to trial. For anyone looking to gain experience volunteering at trials, we will also be teaching how to scribe and course direct! New handlers, this is an excellent opportunity to learn how trials are run and how things are scored! Registration is open and entries will close February 3rd.

A Sheperd's Retreat started this months trials with Paul Murray and Don taking first in Open, Tierney Graham and Seven taking second and Lorri Schubert and Tess taking third. Lorri Shubert and Glen took fourth followed by Lynne Green and Glen in fifth. Lorri Shubert and Hattie took first in Pro-Novice followed by Jenni McInnis with Joe and Amanda Jones and Jazz in third. Kelly Gann and Sal took fourth and Jamie Gardner and Craig finished with fifth! Congrats to all. That was the last of this winters series and we will be waiting to see their return this fall.

MacDonald's Winter Series #4 is in the books and it was a solid showing for the Pacific Northwest. Saturday, Kylo Murray-Gann and Saiorse took the top spot in Open with 106 points, edging out Paul Murray and Don who took second with 103. Paul Murray and Meg took third, Maggie McClure and and Smith took fourth and Diane Mitchell with Luke took fifth. In Pro-Novice, Anne Leroux and Loki took first, Misti Chastain and Hawk took second and Raenell Doyle and Jolie took third. Kelly Gann and Sal walked away with fourth and Maggie McClure took fifth with Cora! Lorri Mannas and Bram had a fantastic run taking first place in Ranch on Saturday followed by Reyna Parcells and Jojo in second and Reyna Parcells and Spot in third. Karen Mason and Reata took fourth followed by Raenell Doyle and Nova. Karen Mason and Reata took first place in Novice on Saturday followed by Donna McCary and Tillie in second and Joan Benjamin and Scarlet in third.

Sunday Bob Hickman and MacGyver took the top spot for the win in Open followed by Maggie McClure and Smith in second and Kent Bradley and Bobby Blue in third! Diane Mitchell took fourth with Luke and Trudy Vicklund and Wyatt took fifth! In Pro-Novice on Sunday Raenell Doyle and Jolie stole the show with first place followed by Dave Viklund and Bull in second and Dave Viklund and Turk in third. Maggie McClure and Cora took fourth followed by Karyl Hansen and Betelgeuse in fifth place. In Nursery on Sunday Maggie McClure and Cora took first followed by Lori Mannas and Bram in second and Dave Viklund and Pete in third! Congratulations to all the young talent and the handlers getting them out there with a solid start! Lori Mannas and Bram returned Sunday to win first place in Ranch again followed by a Farley Schwantes and Porter in second and Trudy Viklund and Drew in third. Reyna Parcells finished in fourth with Spot and fifth with JoJo.

Entries will be opening February 1st for Winter #5 and will close February 10th. Mark those calendars to get your entries in!

State of Jefferson Winter Series #1 was unfortunately postponed but will resume this coming weekend, January 26th. It is a packed house and gearing up to be a good one. The winter weather may be throwing it down but nothing can keep a good dog from their sheep and our handlers are headed to the post. Registration is open for #2. Get your entries in and we will see you around the bonfire.

Keep your eyes peeled for those scores coming in from down south. Triangle H Ranch had to reschedule their January 9th trial but they resumed as soon as the storm cleared and they are already set to return to the post February 10th.

Membership renewal was due January 1st! Don't forget to make sure you are up to date and get your points counted for our End of Year Awards before the grace period ends! Points are being updated regularly on the site and you can now track your membership status there as well.

Stand by as we will be introducing you to our Top Team Award champs from last season! We had a talented group of handlers last year and we can't wait for you to get to know them!

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