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OSDS Board Meeting November 8, 2023


Members Present









  1.  Milt Scott Webinar Review

It was a good webinar. We have two other webinars in the planning stages.  Bryan White and Paddy Fanning.  


  1.  Treasurer Report

Treasurer's report was sent via email to the board.

Alicia motions to accept the treasurer's report

Elaine seconds the motion

The motion passes


  1.  Secretary Report 

The minutes from the last board meeting were sent to the board via email.

Elaine motions to accept the minutes

Maggie seconds the motion

The motion passes


  1.  OSDS Board Elections 2024

We need to get the ballot on the website.  The ballot will be anonymous.  Names will be required to vote.  There will be a write in for the unopposed board positions.  We will write on the ballot the term of the office. We will recruit people to run for office on Facebook.


Open Positions for 2024:

  1. Vice President: Cynthia Mills

  2. Western director:Vicki Avery  

  3. Director at large: Hera Minkove 

  4. Secretary: Laurene Stepan

  5. Treasurer: Donna Grimes

  6. Webmaster: Alicia Gonzalez

  7. Director at large: Elaine La Rochelle

We will be looking for Elaine to step into the treasurer's position at the end of Donna's commitment and service to that office.   


New Business


5.   OSDS/WASH merger?

The Board was contacted by a WASH member to discuss the possibility of a WASH/OSDS merger.  The Board future casted possible positive and negative consequences of merging with WASH. The Board concluded that if the merger were to happen, it would require WASH to be absorbed by OSDS and OSDS would incur minimal changes to the structure and purpose of the organization and it would require a vote of the membership.


6.  Vote of Lifetime membership vs yearly membership for trial hosts

Discussion of changing the recently voted on motion to make all of the trial hosts yearly members of OSDS instead of lifetime members.  


7.  Lyle Lad and Angie Coker-Sells and Amelia Smith webinar 

The webinar will start at 7pm Pacific time.  We need to promote it on socials!


8.  Shedding Clinic with Amelia Smith

Amelia has volunteered to do a shedding clinic for OSDS.  She will donate her time and will require gas money and boarding for the event. 


Maggie moves to  adjourn

Elaine seconds the motion

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