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OSDS Board Meeting February 8, 2023


Members present









Dave calls the meeting to order at 8:30pm (zoom difficulties)


Secretary Report:

Board meeting minutes for January were sent out via email.

Motion to accept the minutes


Motion passed


Treasurer's report

Discussion of receipt of treasurer's report via email.  Secretary reports that it was delivered previously.  

Motion to accept the treasurer's report


Motion passes


Old Business

OSDS Zoom account:

The establishment of the OSDS zoom account has been completed.  We should be able to host our board meetings on it now.  Maggie has also been added to the account in the case of needing to host the board meeting. 



Maggie is working on establishing a webinar with Knox Kathy in the fall.  Maggie will check with Lisa Berglund of WASH to check and see if we can streamline the webinar process.  More details to follow.


Marion Co. Fair arena trial 2023??

Laurene reports that she contacted Jill from Marion Co but got no response.  Laurene contacted Levi Wahl to inquire about sheep rental for our trials but have not received a response.  


Dave checked with Vicki.  She is good for holding an OSDS trial in Dallas Oregon.  Dave will continue to work on the details.


Yamhill co trial site in McMinnville

Maggie has tracked down info on this site.  

They have an indoor arena that is 100x200.  with a whole area along the side for exhaust/animal pens and animal pens at each end of the arena.  they have a sound system and microphones available (which I don't think we'd need).  Price is $700 per day.   Room for 1000 spectators!!!   

They have an outdoor arena which is 140x285 (no sound system) for $550 per day.   Room for 4000 spectators!!!!!!   This is their rodeo arena and pens are already there. 

LOTS of stock pens available and if we wanted to keep sheep overnight, there is no fee and fenced areas with grass available for them.

Restrooms available in the indoor arena for use. 

Camping is available for no extra charge (I think - I'll double check) - but people are welcome to stay for a night or a whole weekend.   Electric hookup is available, but no sewer.  There is a shower house and water hookup on the property. 


Available dates in 2023 are:

             Sun June 4th  (there's a USBCHA trial in CA at Tulelake - OSDS sanctioned)

             July 1/2  (no conflicts)

             September 9 (shepherds retreat - OSDS Sanctioned)

             September 16/17 (World trial in Ireland            

September 24  (no conflicts)

Sheep Rental:  

We would need 60 sheep, maybe $1,000 to  $1,550.  We would have 31 runs. We will need to add the cost of feed also.

Levi Wahl is the sheep contractor we used last year at the Marion Co fair.  

We will table this topic for the next meeting.  We can have an email conservation on the trial dates.


New Business

We need to change the webpage and email to reflect the new officers.

Webpage Proposal:

Laurene would like to propose a change in the webpage.  The current webpage is difficult to edit. Since we do not have a dedicated webmaster at this time we need a webpage that is accessible to all of the board members that need to engage with it.  The proposed webpage is by  It is much easier to use.   Dave likes word press for our webpage. There are some logistics to changing the webpage.  We would need access to the back end of our current webpage to make those changes.  Elaine has access to the C panel.  She could possibly do the required work to change us over to the new webpage.   We will table the vote on this proposal until next month's meeting.  


Meeting adjourned

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