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OSDS Board Meeting January 11 2023


Members present:










  • Donna suggested that we change our forms online to PDF fillable so that they can complete it without all of the hassle.


Meeting called to order by Amelia


Secretary report:

  • Secretary’s minutes were sent prior to the meeting

  • 2023 members: 29 not counting lifetime members; 15 from Washington and Oregon

  • Donna motioned to accept

  • Dave seconded

  • Motion passed


Treasurer's Report

  • Treasuer’s Report was sent prior to the meeting

  • Checking $5213.47

  • Money Market: $6,621.95

  • Feb bills: insurance payments for the year

  • Maggie motioned to accept 

  • Dave seconded

  • Motion passed


Board Elections 2023:

  • The ballot results are only partial  

    • We can only see 10 of the responses out of 34. Survey Monkey wants us to pay for complete results 

    • Survey Monkey changed and it will cost $75 a month for a year or $100 for a one time fee to see the rest of our ballots/surveys

  • Donna moves to accept the results as they are now 

  • She wants to declare two open positions that are on the board in a message to membership to see if anyone wants us to serve

  • Do we pay to see the results??

  • We can vote to accept the results that we have  7 (we have quorum) 

  • Open positions discussion:

    • Alicia will volunteer for webmaster until 3/14/23 when she has been a member for 1 year and eligible to be on the board. Maggie will manage the webpage until Alicia can do it.

  • Dave amended the motion to three open positions 

  • In the message to members we will describe the qualifications of the position and accept letters of interest.

  • Maggie seconded 

  • Motion passed


Dave begins his tenure as as newly elected president and leader of this meeting (etc.)


New Business:


  • Donna set up the zoom account 

  • Agenda will be on Zoom invite.  

  • Dave asked Donna to add both the president and vice president to the Zoom account. Donna said she would complete that task

  • Alicia has questions on the forms we use. They are on the forum


  • Donna will be doing the tax filing for OSDS  

  • Webinar Discussion:;

    • We have done 4 webinars in 9 months.  

    • Webinars require a lot of work and planning. Donna suggests limiting webinars to two per year (Oct. and March). With a 60 day window to register. 

    • We need to streamline it

    • Check with Lisa Berglund for a more streamlined system

    • Amelia’s advice: Maggie will run webinars and have a practice session with the Clinician before the webinar

    • Donna has a question about the donations: Is the young lady going to world trial a member of OSDS? No; Is the donation to world trial buying an ad? No. We are donating to finals this year and Amelia (on the committee) will make sure we get a banner for finals; Does OSDS purchase an ad at finals next year? It is an additional $250 

    • Donna suggested using our donation to sponsor an award instead of using it for an ad. 

    • We will consider it when the time comes. Closer to finals.

    •  OSDS should make their donations transparent: i.e., member newsletter facebook telling what we did publicly


  • Alicia is serving as a statistician and thus, is in the meeting.  

  • Suggestion: make our board meeting public (i.e., open to members). The members could have 3 minutes each to comment to the board.  


OSDS Trials 2023


  • Laurene reached out to Jill and has not heard back from arena trial in Salem

  • Dave has not heard from his student that is helping get the trial in Salem

  • Dave has not talked to Vicki about possibly holding a trial.


Donna motion to adjourn the meeting

Maggie seconds 

Meeting Adjourned 

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