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OSDS Board Meeting August 9, 2023.


Members Present:









  1. Secretary Report

The minutes for the July 2023 meeting were sent via email to the board members (minus Alicia).  Alicia received her email of the minutes during the start of the board meeting.  


Donna motions to accept the minutes from the last meeting

Maggie seconds the motion

The motion passespasses


  1.  Treasurer’s Report

Checking  Account = $4227.19

Money Market Account = $5912.76

Total = $10,139.95

The board feels good about the financial state of OSDS. We are spending money on our community and raising money to do more for our community.  


  1.  Prospective Board Member for 2024   Vicki Avery

Vicki is a commercial sheep producer in the Willamette Valley.  She is a lifetime member of OSDS. She has offered her place and sheep for a trial hosted by OSDS and also talked about sharing her expertise as a potential board member of OSDS.  She raises hampshire sheep mixed with north country and cheviot. The ewes weigh 180 pounds and the lambs weigh 125 pounds.     She is an excellent baker, excellent organizer, and good at conflict management.  She has extensive experience on various boards. She will be listening to the meeting tonight.


Vicki thanked Amelia and the board for the webinars from last year.  She thought they were very exciting.


Amelia shared the applause with the other board members who also worked to put on the webinars.  Dave thanked Amelia for all of her hard work in recruiting and hosting all of the webinars last year!


  1.  Awards 

We are still waiting for the last Tule lake trial results to tabulate our award winners. 

Board discussion on allocation of the budget of $100/person ($600) to  either buy equal value awards for each award winner or to have the winners of each group receive a slightly larger cost item than the reserve winners.  It was decided that the winners of each group would receive the larger award (all winners receive the same award) and the reserve would get the slightly less costly award (all reserve receive the same award).  The cost of the awards are approximately $115 each for 3 jackets and $45 each for 3 vests.    


Donna motions to add $100 to the awards budget for this year to make it a total of $700 

Dave seconds the motion

The motion passes

The awards for this year are: Jackets for winners and vests for the reserve winners in each class.


Wording for the awards:

2022-2023 OSDS open champion 

2022-2023 OSDS reserve open champion 

In addition the OSDS Logo ( if enough remaining funds to make the template for the logo) and the dog and handler names.


As soon as the winners are identified we will inform them of their award and ask them for their sizes etc..


The Tule lake results that we are waiting on could possibly make a difference in the total points the handlers will receive so we need to get those results.   


  1. Encourager Trial OSDS

Brigands Sept 30 

Nov nov


Pro/nov Practice shed (non madoratory)

40 runs


Dave will make up the entry form  


Judges:  Cynthia?

Course director: Maggie

Set out:

Hospitality :

scribe/timer :


  1.  October Board Meeting

Dave offered to host a BBQ at his place in Molalla for our October Board Meeting in appreciation for all of the board's hard work this year.  We would have the opportunity to work dogs and socialize.  This will occur on October 1, 2023


New Business


  1.  Webinars

Emma Gray Webinar will be held at 7pm october 17.  Maggie would like the board to generate  questions ahead of time.  Amelia points out that 7pm is late on the east coast. Maggie will confirm the time and get back to the board.

Milt Scott is schedule for November  9 

Board discusses the fact that on the last webinars participants selected the wrong paypal button or paid for the webinar twice because paypal did not immediately respond with a receipt.  They then requested a refund.  This refund process was very time consuming and cost the club money since PayPal charged us for both the first transaction and the refund transaction. Donna would like to recommend a no refund policy clearly stated on the sign up form.  


Board discussion on the best method for doing the webinars.  

Option 1: We could stay with the method we used last time which is a zoom webinar and paypal link on our webpage. We already have a zoom account but have to pay for the additional webinar fee of $79.00/month.

Option 2: Use our webpage and conduct our webinar on it.  There would be no cost involved and individuals who sign up on the website are automatically recorded and can be sent out a link to pay from the website.  

Participants paying by check would sign up on the website but send in their check to Donna.  


Discussion on running a practice webinar on our website to work out all of the kinks before Emma Gray and Milt Scott.  


Maggie shared she has a friend 9Kathy Smith) who is a veterinarian and practices Eastern veterinary medicine.  She would volunteer to give a webinar on Eastern Veterinary medicine for the fee of an OSDS sweatshirt.


There is a motion for OSDS to hold a practice webinar with Kathy Smith to practice webinar use on our website. The date is tba  

Amelia seconds the motion 

The motion Passes


  1.  Annual Meeting + Awards?

Dave proposes we have the annual meeting ( a BBQ) at Fidos.  The members will pay their own sheep fee if they would like to work their dogs.  OSDS will we try to provide the meat and sides.    Members will be able to donate food for the BBQ.  We will need to have a RSVP so we know the numbers.


Maggie moves the annual meeting be held on November 12 at Fidos. OSDS will provide the food and members will pay Fidos fee for working their dog.  Members can bring a dish if they desire.   RSVP required

Donna seconds motion

Motion passed


Side note on this vote:

Amelia informed the board that she needed to leave the meeting prior to this vote.  She inquired if the board had finished the voting portion of this board meeting.  She subsequently signed off.   However, the annual meeting vote was held after she signed off.

**Dave apologies about informing Amelia we were finished voting for this meeting prior to her signing off before the annual meeting vote**


  1. Elections for board positions open for next year

The following board positions will be open for next years board. 




Vice president


In addition there will be some director positions open

Director at large (2)

easter/western directors 

The membership requirement for positions are:

2 years for officers and one year directors


We will be able to ballot through the website!


  1.  To do list for next board meeting:

education page on website

Forum page on website

Newbie webinars (no charge webinar) Alicia to compile a list of possible webinar topics.


Maggie moves to adjourn 

Dave seconds the motion

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