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OSDS Board Meeting Apr 12, 2023


Members present:









Maggie calls the meeting to order


1.  Treasurer’s report (Donna) 

discussion of treasurer's report that was sent via email to all board members

Motion to accept to treasurer's report  

Amelia seconds the motion

The motion passes


 2. Secretary report (Laurene) 

 Minutes of the March board meeting were sent to the board members via email.

# of OSDS members for 2023 is 101

Amelia motions to accept the minutes 

Motion is seconded

Motion passes


3.  July first trial ( Maggie)

We need to cancel the July first trial at Yamhill Co Fairgrounds.   It is not feasible at this time due to the amount of sheep we are required to rent (120)  from the sheep rental company and the other costs involved.

Amelia motions to cancel OSDS hosting an arena trial on July 1 at the Yamhill Co. Fairgrounds.  

Motion receives a second 

Motion passes

Maggie will cancel the agreement with the fairgrounds.


3.  Tule Lake trial - sanctioning request handled?

 The sanctioning for this  was not sent to the correct person (Alicia).  We will need to forward the sanctioning request to Alicia.    



4.  Instagram page (Maggie)

Amelia agrees OSDS should open an Instagram account.

Amelia motions we make an instagram account for OSDS


Donna:  Is there a cost to OSDS?  No there is no cost

Donna: Do we need  permission from people to publish their photo on our Instagram page?   No, most photographers ask the person if it would be ok to post this picture.  We have control over what is posted.

Amelia seconds the motion 

The motion passes


5.  Dates we should NOT host Emma Gray (Maggie)




6.  Website (Laurene/Alicia)

Laurene Motion that OSDS changed the current webpage to a Wix platform webpage with a  2 year business subscription for $300.


Alicia presented the webpage she built on Wix (free one) to show all of the board members what it looks like and can do for OSDS.  It is much more user friendly so that each board member can add content without having to go through the webmaster.  It also affords OSDS the ability to have video conferencing and an easier payment option along with filling in documents digitally for sanctioning, insurance and membership.  It will have upgraded calendars for events along with blog pages and forums.  it will also offer us a shop to buy merchandise that no board member has to manage.  

Second on the motion

Motion passes



7.  Alicia Gonzalez as Webmaster

Laurene motions to appoint Alicia as webmaster  for the rest of 2023.

Amelia seconds the motion

The motion passes


8.  Ice Cream Social at Fido's in May

Laurene motions for OSDS to host an Ice Cream Social at Fido's trial on Sunday trial May 28.  The budget for the social will be $60.  

Amelia seconds the motion

The motion passes


9.  Photo Event fundraising idea

We would like OSDS to do some fundraising by hosting a professional and OSDS volunteer photographers photo event.  We would provide the site and the sheep.  The customers would come and pay a fee to work their dogs and have the photographers take photos of them working.  They could also get still photos of the dog/handler team.  The price OSDD would charge as a “sitting fee” and the photo packages we would offer still need to be determined.   We will table this idea until the next meeting.


10. Trial hosts thank you idea

We would like to recognize the trial hosts for this year at Fido's and McDonalds with a small gift.  


We would be including all of the trial hosts if we only gift Fido's and McDonalds

Their thanks for hosting should come from our promotion on our webpage and not a gift.  They want us to promote their trials!



11. Awards

The discussion on awards we will table for next time  


12. pet paw portraits  $200  



Motion to adjourn

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