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OSDS Board Meeting October 11, 2023


Members present:

Laurene Stepan

Vicki Avery

Dave Viklund

Maggie Yates

Amelia Smith

Elaine La Rochelle

Alicia Gonzalez


  1.  Secretaries Report

Minutes from the last meeting were sent via email to all board members prior to the meeting.

Maggie moved to accept the minutes.

Amelia seconded the motion

Motion carried


  1.  Treasurer's Report 

The treasurer was not in attendance and we did not receive this month's financial report. 

Laurene reported that the club grossed $1,200 from Encourager Trial.  We paid the venue $380.  Therefore net income for the club was $870.  




  1.  OSDS hold another trial?

Discussion on holding another trial.  Dates discussed were possibly December or January.  We will need to do some research to nail down the date. Maggie will look at the USBCHA calendar and see what dates are open.  Maggie reports that January 13/14 are the only dates that work for January.  Discussion then focused on what venue to use to hold the trial.  Should we try a trial at Fidos? Should we stay closer to Oregon?  


4. Elections for 2024

Vicki Avery is in attendance at this board meeting and it is the hope of the current board that she will run for the board.  Vicki and her husband are commercial sheep producers in Dallas Oregon which is 12 miles west of Monmouth and 27 miles from Salem/ Albany/ Corvallis. Vicki runs Kelpies on her place since 1985. She has a lot of experience with sheep. She has Hemp based North Country sheep with some Cheviot mixed in.   She believes in the relationship between a dog and a handler.  Despite being very busy during lambing and the end of lambing season  she would like to  provide opportunities for people and help out in that way.  Alicia and Maggie are interested in holding a stock handling opportunity at your Vicki’s place in the future.  Vicki replies that it must work into our schedule to make that feasible.    Vicki is willing to hop on board with OSDS. She could fill the Western Director position on the board.


Liz Stenning will not be able to be Eastern Director next year because she is moving to NE Washington.


5.   Lifetime membership for trial hosts

We recently voted to give trial hosts a complimentary lifetime membership.  Dave would like for us to think about amending the vote to make it yearly membership and not a lifetime membership.


6.  Milt Scott Webinar

It is time to begin to promote the Milt Scott Webinar.  Board members get a free zoom link to the webinars.


7.  OSDS Annual General Meeting Fido's Farm November 5th 

We need to organize our annual meeting.  We supply the food for the BBQ and members can pay their stock fees to work their dogs.     It will be a basic get together for herding people to chat and work dogs.  


8.  Outrun Lift and Fetch Day with WASH

We need to plan our Outrun Lift and Fetch Days.  Do we want to run several days with a theme for each day?  Ex:  Outrun /lift /fetch day, Drive day, Pen day, Shed day etc… We need to get with WASH and their group of volunteers and plan these events. 


9.  Emma Gray Webinar

We will Zoom on Tuesday Oct 17th.   We have 6 days to get payments in.   Maggie will make the zoom link and the people who registered will have 3 days to pay and then we will send out the zoom link to the folks who have paid.  


10.  Milt Scott Webinar

Alicia will create the event for Milt Scott on the webpage.


11.  Proposed Going to the Post Webinar #2

OSDS discussed the possibility of hosting another going to the post webinar on November 15th at 7pm  

Motion to do another free webinar for the community on November 15th topic to be determined

Amelia seconds the motion

The motion passes


Motion to adjourn

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