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OSDS Board Meeting June 14, 2023


Members Present








Meeting called to order


Secretaries Report/Minutes

Last month's board minutes were sent to board members via email.

Maggie motions to accept the minutes from the last board meeting.

Donna seconds the motion

The motion passes


Treasurer Report

Donna sent the treasurer's report to all board members via email

Alicia and Donna have worked to get all of the paypal payments working on the website.

Maggie motions to accept treasurer's report

Amelia seconds the motion

Motion passes


Discussion on Paypal account

Donna stated that OSDS would want to avoid payment that go through paypal in regards to refunds.  Paypal keeps their fee of the original transaction so OSDS loses money.   

Alicia proposes to avoid the refunds on the webinars by going with a reservation system.  They would not pay until right before the webinar.  Dave Imas currently uses this system for his trials.


Alicia will research all of the payment options.  It might be advantageous to have a no refund policy in the future.   


OSDS Photo Shoot Fundraiser Event Review:

Dave reports that we still have two people that have not checked their favorites and so have not received their photos. People did not understand how to use the gallery to choose the photos they wanted. We need to streamline the photo package delivery system for the next time.  Each photographer uses their own gallery to display their work. Should OSDS have their own gallery to display their photos?  OSDS can display the photos from website basically the same as Dave’s gallery.  OSDS profit from the  Photo Shoot is $430.00

If we do a photo shoot event again in the future:

1.  have a variety of spaces for people of different ability levels to work their dogs so we do not have to exclude anyone who wants to participate.

2.  streamline the gallery for easier access 


Table future photo shoot event until the next meeting. Board members will  keep researching photographers and sites to have for future events.  

What is our timeline for doing it again?  Depends on what the location we are shooting in and what they are looking for.  


Ice Cream Social Event Review:

The COLD weather of the Memorial Day trial at Fidos made for a small group but the people enjoyed it and it was a positive event for the club.


OSDS proposed trial:

Vicki  Avery has agreed to host an OSDS trial at her place next year. She has timeline problems for this year.  OSDS board members will try to go there after she is finished weaning and try out the sheep to make sure they will work for a trial.  We are planning for June of next year.  We will need to come up with a number to rent facility and sheep from her. 


Brigands Proposed OSDS Trial:

In the past we hosted a pro nov, ranch, and nov nov trial at Brigands.  We could do another trial like the past one and also do an arena trial on the Clun Forest sheep at Brigands.  The cost would be  $15.00 run.  We would have 40 runs and we would run the sheep three times each.  We could have a one day arena trial and then nov- nov and ranch and pro -nov trial on the next day.  If we have an arena trial we would stipulate that they must complete each obstacle to move on and we would make the obstacles have some difficulty so the competitors would not be able to run the sheep all day. We will need dates to give to Nancy so we can move ahead with this.   Discussion on doing one trial at a time to save human resources. Maggie will look at dates and report back to the board and we can discuss the dates and get consensus so we will be ready to vote in the July meeting. Final vote in July board meeting.


Annual Meeting:

Dave proposes for the annual meeting we host a bbq fun day instead of having it at a trial.  Alicia talked to fidos about having the event there in August.  Chris said August was not a good month because of the heat but we could start at 9 and eat at noon.  

Discussion of when to have the annual meeting.

We will table this discussion about dates and options for the annual meeting.


Year end awards

Laurene proposes that we use OSDS merchandise for awards for this year.  Our awards budget has been $600-$700 a year.    We will only 6 awards this year-  Open (2) Pro Nov  (2) and Novice  (2).


Maggie would like to see a fleece vest as an option in our merchandise.  We do not currently have one in our shop but we could use a local print shop to order those.  We could use the sherpa jacket and let the award winner customize it but it would be around $100.  We could give the award winner a gift certificate to the shop and they could custom design what they wanted.  


Donna makes a motion for awards for this year out of the OSDS store.   The budget is $600 or less.

Maggie seconds the motion 

The motion passes


For the July meeting Alicia will give us a few choices from the store to look at and vote on.  


New Website Follow Up:

We continue to have login problems for some people on the website.  There is a varied and long list of fixes provided by Wix to solve the problem.  


New Fundraiser by Alicia:

Alicia proposes a fundraiser to take custom orders on shoes.

Donna makes a motion for Laurene and Alicia to do a limited 1 month promotion on custom shoes and a one month turnaround of shoes. 


Clients would buy the shoes and send in the photos and Alicia and Laurene would create the custom “photo” shoes (converse high tops with photos on the canvas).  

Maggie seconds the motion

The motion passes.


Donnan motions to adjourn 

Maggie seconds the motion

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