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OSDS Board Meeting July 12, 2023


Board Members present:







Pre meeting Discussion: Website store

Donna has questions from the paypal procedures from our website store.  She is seeing charges going out from our paypal account.  The issue is there are variations inthe shipping charges depending where they are shipped from.  If the origin of the shipment changes our price does not take that into account and we do not make back shipping costs.  

Donna needs to be able to track the charges from printful. Alicia will take a photo of all of the transactions to this date and send it to donna for accounting purposes.  

General discussions focus on the website shop not making money per se but breaking even and promoting the club. 


Meeting called to order


1. Secretary Report:

The minutes from the last meeting were emailed out to the board members.

Maggie motions to accept the secretaries minutes report from the last meeting

Donna seconds the motion

The motion passes


2. Treasurer's report:

The treasurer's report was emailed to the board members

Maggie moves  that we accept  the treasurer's report

Laurene seconds the motion

Motion passed without opposition


OLD Business:


3.  SWAG Approval

Alicia sent the board an email with the additional items to be approved for sale in the website store.  The items include a coffee mug, t-shirt that Alicia designed, t-shirt that Maggie designed and the hooded sweatshirt that Maggie designed.  


Discussion on shipping charges and how the board want s to handle it.  Do we want to have free shipping and increase the price of the items or have the customer pay their own shipping.  It was decided to charge the customer $2 over cost and the customer will pay shipping costs.  


Motion from Donna to approve the designs that have been submitted for 2$ over printful cost.  

Maggie seconds motion

Motion passes


4.  Year End Awards:

We are in a quandary- do we purchase awards in our store or buy at the local shop.  If we use our store there is less of a selection and we pay shipping costs.  If we use local shops we get better selections ( ie Carhartt jackets/vests) and no shipping but we have to deliver them.  

In addition, who gets the largest awards?  Do the two awards for open get the biggest ones or does the winner of each category get the biggest award and the reserve a lesser award?


Maggie will coordinate the awards for this year once the board decides what they want to do for awards this year.


Donna amends her previous motion to say considering the circumstances OSDS will buy out of the OSDS store or locally whichever is more feasible with the same budget as the last motion.   

Maggie seconds the motion

Motion passes


5.  Website Store Printful monthly discount

Printful has a 20% discount for things every month.

Alicia proposes that the code is used for member products or awards or general swag for club promotion when the code is not used for members, OSDS will keep a running list and board members will use it when coupon is available.


Donna motions: the discount printful offers monthly will first be used for member products to promote the OSDS membership if the discount is still available after that the board members can use the discount by signing up on the list.  Board members would be able to use the discount in the order they signed up.  

Maggie seconds the motion

The motion passes


6.  Website store Manager?

Please think about who/how the board wants to manage the merchandise and start an email thread so we can discuss it and see if we can come up with a plan for the next meeting.


7.  Board Elections

Elections are coming up so start recruiting your friends or enemies to be on the board for next year.


8.  OSDS Trial Dates for Brigands Trial

Of the trial dates available (as researched by Maggie and sent to the board via email) only one weekend is a possibility.  September 30 and October 1.  


Motion to host an encourager trial at brigands hideout either September 30 or October 1st depending on the availability of Brigands (Nancy query).

Maggie seconds the motion

The motion passes


9.  Resources page on our website

Laurene suggests that we allow people to be on our resources page for the first year for no fee.  

Laurene motions to allow businesses and individual providers that would aid our membership to be posted in the resources page on our website free for one year.

Alicia seconds the motion

The motion passes


10.  End of the year BBQ

We need to pick some dates after catbird SDT and Macdonalds/ Fidos  SDT


Dave wants to invite the board to come out and work dogs ! There will be more info to come on it later.  


Donna motions to adjourn  

Maggie seconds 

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