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Meet our 2022/2023 Pro-Novice Champion Team Karyl Hansen & Betelgeuse!

Updated: Feb 20

He is the brightest star in the sky and she is as rock star as it gets! These two have a fan club all their own and they are the definition of quiet, power, strength and grace. You won't hear them coming but they will sweep you off your feet. He is a true gentleman to his stock and they both have heart like no other. Meet our Pro-Novice Champs for 2022/2023 Karyl Hansen and Betel!

Dogs Name-Betelgeuse



How did you two meet? -He is a pup of my breeding.  His mom was my Open dog, Rigel.  His dad is Cynthia’s Kraken.  I love Kelpies…their athleticism, independence and stock sense.  Not to mention they are just great dogs to live with and pal around with.

Did you choose him or did he choose you?-From the moment his eyes opened, they followed me everywhere.  He let me know in no uncertain terms that I was his person.  The other pups were fun and affectionate but Betel was just always focused on me.

How long have you been trialing together?-Betel was a slow starter.  For the first year and a half or so, I wasn’t at all sure he wanted to be a sheepdog. But I was committed to him regardless of whether our future revolved around sheepdogging, agility or truffle hunting.  With Dave Viklund’s help, Betel eventually discovered his inner sheepdog, and we never looked back.

What is your favorite thing about this dog?-I have many favorite things about this dog, but the one that stands out is his “try”.  His world revolves around figuring out how to give me what I want.  As in all things, often one’s greatest strength is also one’s greatest weakness and this fits that adage to a T.  His independent and opinionated Kelpie nature mean that he isn’t always right (and I’m not always clear) about what it actually is I want.  But I can never fault him for not doing everything possible to try and please me.

I like trialing, but my favorite dog time is just being out there doing chores and enjoying each other’s company.  

Biggest challenge:  as mentioned 1)slow start, and; 2) over-thinking what I want

Most valuable thing he’s taught me:  No question…Patience!  Love him and stick with him and you will be rewarded, even if it’s not in the way you planned.  I got lucky with that one!

Best advice:  one of my favorite’s is when you are working with your dog, it should be a conversation…as opposed to a drill sergeant and his recruits.  Communicate with your dog in the simplest and most conversational way you can with your voice, whistles and body language and he will reward you in kind.

Proud moment:  too many to count. The best ones are when your dog is faced with a real challenge with real consequences (as opposed to negotiating trial obstacles and performing the movements where the only real consequences are to your ego), and he rises to the challenge and “saves the day”  Once in the mountains of Utah comes to mind.  Some 200 head of range ewes intent on running from some unknown threat and not a fence for 20 miles.  

Lesson to never forget:  trust your dog.

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