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Meet Our 2022/2023 Novice Champion Team!

This past years Novice Champion was Lucy Cross with her girl Silvie! Lucy and Silvie are from Dallas, Oregon. You might remember her from our End of Year Banquet where not only did her and Silvie participate in the team shedding competition as our Novice champs, but they had a game day save holding off a returning set of sheep and protecting her shed sheep from rejoining the group! It was an impressive save from the talented duo and they are out on the fields again this year stepping it up! Make sure to look for them at the post and tell them congrats. We asked our champs to answer a few questions to introduce them to you in their words. They are an impressive team and we are so excited to get to know them!

Lucy Cross

My name is Lucy Cross and my dog's name is Silvie.  She is 6 1/2 and I bought her from Patrick Shannahan.  I bought my first dog off my (at the time) future husband, Robin, in 1993.  The joke is that he had to marry me to get his dog back.  Since 1993, I have tried to do at least one trial per year; kids and farm work seemed to take much of my time, so, some years I achieved this.  My dogs have always been invaluable to me from my time running the Oregon State University Sheep Center to my own sheep farm.  My favorite thing about Silvie is her gentle nature around the house, her tough nature around the sheep and her willingness to listen to me.  She loves every human she has ever met and really likes to do any activity anyone happens to be doing.  It is hard to describe her in three words but, well-rounded and happy come to mind.  My biggest challenge has been putting a dog on whistles and Silvie is actually my first dog I have attempted this with!  My other big challenge is telling my left and right apart (especially when it really matters)!  I think the most important thing trainers have tried to instill in me is to stay calm and quit flapping my arms!

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