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Coming In Hot!

Things are moving and shaking around here. The weather has been coming in hot and the schedule is even hotter. A few different trials have been going on as well as some clinics and events. Little Horse Mountain is this coming weekend. If you are headed to Tulelake, good luck, safe travels and have a good time! The State of Jefferson is coming up right after and they are ready to run.

This week Fido's is also heating things up. Corinne Berg and Trudy Viklund began their clinic series with some gorgeous weather and some talented dogs. The opportunity to learn from their wealth of knowledge and experience is not one to miss and the camp is always a good time.

Fido's will be turning it up even more going into the weekend. This weekend is their Memorial Day Weekend Trial. We hope you got your entries in! We will be there Sunday to say hello and serve up a cool compliment to that summer heat. Stop by and join us in the blue barn for ice cream sundaes and some OSDS updates. We will start serving at 9 for those of you coming in earlier(because who doesn't need ice cream at breakfast) and we will be there the whole day to say hello and thank Chris Soderstrom for everything she has done for our community. As an organization we are eternally grateful to the leaders in our community who give our handlers heart and a home. Come out and join us on this day of remembrance for working dogs and sweet treats. Good luck to everyone going and make sure to come out and get the scoop.

Speaking of joining us, the Oregon Sheep Dog Society held its first ever photo event! Thank you to everyone who came out to support us. We were excited to welcome some new members and new faces and get a chance to catch up with some old friends. We had a ton of fun and are looking forward to our next one. Look for photos of the event in our new shared gallery! One of the newest additions to our site is a shared member gallery where all of our members can post their photos as they are out and about working and on those fields. We are looking forward to members sharing those moments as well as the fun ones with friends and hanging out at home. If it has a sheep dog, we want to see it!

Stay tuned for next month! We have some things in the works and we are ready for summer!

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